Eastrock Calf Pens provide calves with a clean and safe environment. Our systems provide the calf rearer easy viewing and physical access to the calf, allowing rearer to quickly identify any potential health issues with the the calves.

  • Convenient to Clean

  • Spring-Loaded Gate Latches

  • Easy Identification

  • Bucket Holders

  • Multiple configuration & mounting options

  • Non-porous easy clean PVC walls

Raised Calf Pen

Designed for barns with flush

  • The plastic slatted floor has
    large holes to allow good drainage
  • Removable PVC panels keep
    calves isolated, minimizing calf
    health challenges
  • Removable dividers make cleaning
    quick and simple.
  • Available in 2 sizes

Standard Calf Pens

  • Removable PVC walls allow
    calves to either be individually or
    group reared
  • Removable panels make cleaning
    rows of pens quick and simple
  • Multiple back wall options
  • Available in 2 pen sizes
  • Hay feeders & bottle feeders