Eastrock cow flow management products have been designed with fast, efficient installation and long term durability. From our adjustable gates (available in 2-5 bar options), to our Finger and Flip Over Gate options you can be sure of years of reliable service, minimal maintenance and easy installation.

  • Variety of hinge options

  • Variety of latch options

  • Adjustable

  • Designed to fit any space

  • Great for people traffic in cow
    areas – no need to latch a gate
  • Single cow flow

  • These gates keep the traffic
    moving one way providing
    producers with easy cow flow
  • The Finger Gates modular
    design means they can fi t any
  • Noise-reducing hardware, cow
    training mode

  • Rotates vertically 180 degrees
    Used where a standard gate
    is not practical.
  • Perfect solution to close off
    or divide pens, crossovers, traffic
    lanes and packs
  • Create one-way traffic when
    walking animals out of a pen.
    No more chasing cows around
    the crossovers!
  • Comes in both 2 and 3 bar

  • Designed to adjust and fit
    any space without the additional
    cost or inconvenience of welding
  • Provides a flexible solution
    fitting any application within
    the dairy farm.
  • Adjustable to fit openings
    from 1.2m – 7.3m (4’ to 24’).
    Gates are available in 2, 3, 4
    and 5 bar options
  • With our without manpasses