Our Freestalls are designed for single row or head to head configurations. They provide a dry, comfortable resting area for dairy cattle which is essential to their health, well being, and performance. Properly designed Freestalls increase lying time, improve cleanliness, and minimize injury which in turn helps provide a healthy and productive herd.

  • Comfortable Rest

  • System Design

  • Proper Dimentions

  • Easy Entrance & Exit

  • Proper Indexing

  • The Floor Mount System is
    designed for versatility, stability
    and installation efficiency
  • Ideal for mattresses, utilizing
    the existing concrete; no posts
  • The Floor Mount is height
  • Available in varying lengths
    based on the width of the platform

  • Our Horizontal Rail Mount
    System offers flexibility with the
    mounting rails allowing for the
    loops to be mounted at any height
    & width.
  • This mounting system reduces
    the number of posts required, making
    for an easy installation.
  • We offer a variety of mounting
    options for both wood & steel, round or
    square posts or columns.

  • The Post Mount System is a
    cost eff effective, versatile mounting
    option which can be used
    with most bedding options
  • The bolt on clamp system
    allows for the loop height to be
  • The Post Mount System
    offers a variety of mounting
    options for both wood or steel,
    round or square posts and/or

  • The Dual Rail System is ideal for
    deep-bedded stalls, keeping the
    mounts out of the bedding, reducing
    the risk of corrosion
  • The rail position provides resistance
    to torque as it is spread across
    a much larger surface area enabling
    the stall system to be kept in place
  • The height of the two (2) rails
    means that the cow’s lunging space
    is not obstructed